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About our charity


In the present day, the South West Peninsula has a vibrant multicultural society. The traditional rich heritage of Devon and Cornwall effortlessly mixes with a growing population of new residents moving to the area through commercial and professional developments in the region. An increasing population is also reflected by expanding numbers of students in a very successful University. The medical and dental schools in the Peninsula have students in Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay, Barnstaple and Truro. Exeter University is currently ranked amongst the best in the world, and has a rapidly expanding international student population. For these reason's we believe it is now time to build a place of worship for the Hindu Community.

Aims Of Our Charity

The Exeter Hindu Temple Trust’s aims are:

  • To provide a place for Hindu worship and community cohesion in the South West Peninsula

  • Promote religious and cultural diversity

  • Providing an inclusive forum for inter-faith community gatherings and discussions

  • To promote health

  • By providing and promoting an ‘ashram’ for yoga, meditation and physical exercise through culinary courses introducing the beneficial aspects of Eastern diet rich in fruits and vegetarian food.

  • By improving access to Ayurvedic complementary medicine

  • By prioritising environmental protection in building the Temple utilising eco friendly energy sources and recycling

  • Promote diversity in music, dance and art incorporating Eastern influences

  • Engage youth and schools by providing a facility for educational trips and access to state of the art media resources and links for researching religious and cultural education and beliefs

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